Child Custody Agreement or Trial

Lauren Cain Plano Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Divorces can be messy and painful, especially when children are involved.

Custody issues often become some of the most difficult ones to resolve. After all, parents love their kids and want to be involved in their lives. Figuring out visitation and custody rights is tough. Parents can come to their own child custom agreement with the help of mediation, or they can go to trial where they’ll have less control in the outcomes.

Benefits of Choosing a Child Custody Agreement

Settling child custody issues via mediation and coming up with a child custody agreement offers a number of benefits to everyone involved, including:

Even courts prefer that divorcing couples work out the details of their own child custody agreement. Doing so minimalizes hostility and partners are more likely to stick with agreements they help create. Going to trial may be necessary when parents cannot agree on who will be making the major decisions. However, taking measures to guard your children’s emotional well-being is critical.

Laura Cain understands how tough divorce can be, but she’s as comfortable at the negotiating table as she is in a courtroom, and she’s ready to help you navigate through the process of creating your own child custody agreement.