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Not all divorces involve lengthy disputes and days in court. When a husband and wife agree to the terms of their divorce, it is possible to dissolve the marriage 60 days after filing the required paperwork. In addition to being faster, an uncontested divorce is usually cheaper, especially when there are no complex assets or children involved.

Issues in Uncontested Divorce

Contact the Law Office of Lauren Cain, in Frisco, Texas.  We handle uncontested divorces and prepare all the documents for review by the court.  Our attorney, Lauren Cain, has nearly two decades of legal experience and will guide you through arrangements for:

Couples often think that they can save money on the same attorney when they agree on all divorce issues, but it’s not true. Even in a simple divorce, one lawyer can’t represent both the husband and wife.  It’s a conflict of interest.  At the very least, the parties should protect themselves by having separate attorneys review documents before they sign them.

Even if Your Divorce Is Uncontested, You Still Need an Attorney

Contested or Uncontested?  We Handle Both.

Couples occasionally realize after beginning the divorce process that they are not in agreement. That makes it important to have an attorney who is able to handle both uncontested and disputed divorces guide you through the process, wherever it leads. An experienced lawyer will understand what is involved and ensure that you address all the important issues.  You owe it to yourself, your family, and your future to get it right.

Mediation: An Alternative

Although mediation can be used to resolve any family law dispute, it is particularly effective when a couple wants an uncontested divorce but runs into areas of disagreement as they go through the process.  Mediation allows the parties to work with an impartial mediator who helps them develop solutions that are acceptable to both parties. Mediation is often less costly and almost always less adversarial than going to trial.

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