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Healthy Cost-Effective Solution

In an uncontested divorce, the spouses are able to reach an agreement on every issue that needs to be decided before the divorce can be finalized. This type of arrangement is clearly less combative than a traditional divorce and can provide a much more healthy and cost-effective solution. In addition, once all issues have been resolved and the required documents submitted to the court, the divorce can be finalized in as little as 60 days.

Resolving Differences

If there is any issue left unresolved the spouses can not enter an uncontested divorce.  To resolve their differences, you may want to go through divorce mediation. In any event, it is important that each spouse seeks the advice of a reliable Frisco uncontested divorce attorney.

Supporting Texas Couples in Uncontested Divorce

At the Law Office of Lauren Cain, we provide comprehensive representation to clients who are seeking an uncontested divorce. If all issues have been agreed upon, attorney Cain will prepare an agreement that illustrates all of the decisions that have been made between the spouses, including support, custody, and property division.

It is a common misconception that one lawyer can represent both spouses who have agreed to all the terms of the divorce. Unfortunately, one lawyer representing both spouses would create a conflict of interest. We encourage every party to a divorce to obtain his or her own legal counsel to review the agreements we prepare to ensure that there are no concerns. Likewise, we regularly review any agreement prepared by the attorney representing our client’s spouse.

We are careful to ensure that there are no terms that could leave our client at risk. If we find that there is language that could be detrimental to our clients, we advise them of the issue and explain the potential danger. When appropriate, we work to negotiate alternative terms or verbiage that better protects our clients’ interests.

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