Termination of Parental Rights

Ending Parental Rights

When the time comes that a parent-child relationship needs to be severed, it is a difficult thing to do, on multiple levels. Family law judges often frown upon this procedure, because it involves determining whether or not a parent is worthy to be in their child’s life. That decision can be harrowing for any judge.

When Parental Rights Are Terminated

When a parent’s rights are terminated, they no longer have any rights to the child. That includes raising the child, visiting the child, and spending holidays and summers with the child. The parent no longer has the right to contact the child. The parent-child relationship is essentially dissolved. Terminating the rights of a parent is a very serious matter, and the Texas courts and judges treat cases of parental right terminations quite seriously.

Requesting Your Own Rights Be Terminated

Some parents request that their own parental rights be terminated. Why would anyone do that? A common reason to request terminating parental rights is to attempt to get out of paying their legally obligated child support. This used to be permitted by Texas judges, however, most judges will no longer allow parents to do this. In fact, there is only one way to abandon your parenting rights willingly, and that is if another person is interested in adopting the child.

Lauren Cain, Texas family law attorney, works with parents who want to get their child’s other biological parent’s rights terminated. This is often a procedure that requires a Texas family law lawyer who understands the emotions involved – someone who can help the parents and the child work through those emotions as the termination of rights is taking place. Contact the Law Office of Lauren Cain if you need assistance with terminating the rights of a parent in Texas.  

Grounds for Terminating the Rights of a Parent

In Texas, there are specific grounds for termination of a parent’s rights, especially when the termination is involuntary. The courts can order termination of a parent’s rights, even if the parent will not relinquish their rights, if the following is true:

If the other biological parent was convicted or placed on community supervision because they were found to be criminally responsible for the serious injury or death of a child or participated in behavior that led to the serious injury or death of a child, their parental rights could be revoked.

The Best Interest of the Child

Ultimately, Texas courts will always take into consideration whether or not a decision to terminate a parent’s rights is in the best interest of the child. In fact, in all family law matters, the best interest of a child is usually considered, whether the topic is child support, child visitation, or other matters that involve the child, emotionally and physically.

Do You Need A Texas Family Law Attorney?

Are you interested in terminating the rights of your child’s other parent? You should contact a Texas family law attorney who can help you determine whether you can terminate their rights without their consent or if you will need their consent.

Lauren Cain helps parents terminate the rights of the other biological parents who are willing to go through with the procedure. She also assists parents with terminating the rights of parents who are not willing to relinquish their rights. Contact the Law Office of Lauren Cain today for a family law attorney who has the experience and compassion you are seeking.

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