Grandparent Adoption

Grandparent Adoption

Grandparents must overcome several legal obstacles to gain visitation or custody when a parent is fighting the request. Our attorney is a strong advocate for grandparents who seek to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives. We help them document the need for a formal visitation or custody order. We help them prove that the child would benefit from their involvement. We help them demonstrate the danger to a child in emergency situations involving one or both parents. In short, we help grandparents jump through the legal hoops that surround the matter of grandparents’ rights.

False Allegations Lawyer

We have also represented parents who are trying to deny grandparents custody of grandchildren. Grandparents may seek custody because they falsely believe that a child is in imminent danger.  These allegations range from allegations of physical and emotional abuse to allegations of sexual offenses. Judges are very cautious in such matters; we make sure they have all the facts about our client’s relationship with the grandparent and the care of the child.

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