Mediation Offers TX Couples an Alternative to Court Divorce

Peaceful Alternative to Divorce

For many Texas couples, going through a divorce can be one of the most overwhelming experiences imaginable. It’s hard to separate marital property that has been accumulated during the marriage. Some couples will go through a heated divorce battle for months, even years before the divorce becomes finalized. Fortunately, there is a peaceful alternative to having a traditional court divorce. Couples who are looking for a civil way to end their marriage may want to consider mediation in Texas.

What is mediation?

According to the American Bar Association, mediation is a way for couples to customize their own divorce settlement.  This is without interference from the legal system. Mediation occurs in a non-confrontational environment. The mediator guides the discussion to ensure all topics are covered. They are able to answer any legal questions that may arise.

Details, details regarding the divorce are negotiated and written into the settlement. Although an attorney is not required during mediation, many people find it helpful to have personalized legal counsel from a divorce lawyer. An attorney is also required to submit the completed settlement into the courts for finalization, according to the Huffington Post.

Benefits of mediation

Mediation is certainly not for every couple; however, it does offer some benefits to those looking for a way to simplify the divorce process. According to the Huffington Post and the ABA, these benefits include:

Couples that must maintain a parenting or business relationship often find that mediation results in a more positive experience. Intense court divorces can leave couples feeling angry or hostile with one another, adding tension to the relationship. Some parents may find that mediation fosters a better co-parenting relationship.

Find a legal representative

Mediation promotes compromise and working together to achieve the best divorce settlement possible. However, you may want a legal representative that can answer your personal questions and help you receive your fair share of the settlement. A family law attorney can be extremely helpful to those who are going through a divorce in Texas.

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