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Fathers in Texas have the right to be part of their children’s lives and have the same rights to child custody and visitation that mothers do. Similarly, mothers have the same obligations under Texas law as fathers do to contribute to their children’s material needs. The old days of automatically awarding the mother custody, with the father paying child support and being a remote figure in the child’s life, are long gone.

You Have Rights As A Father

We Will Help You Enforce Them

At the Law Office of Lauren Cain, in Frisco, Texas, we represent fathers who seek greater involvement in their children’s lives. We help them gain fairer visitation rights and, in some instances, custody. We undertake modifications of orders if the divorce has been finalized, or fight for them in custody and visitation disputes during the divorce. Our attorney also acts for fathers who believe that they are not the father of a child but are still being forced to pay child support. We guide them through the process of identifying the true father.

The Best Interests of the Child Govern Custody Agreements

The law is based on the assumption that it is in the best interest of a child to have the care and support of both parents. If you believe that your custody, visitation and child support agreements do not meet this standard, it is important to consult an attorney who will review your situation and help you enforce your rights as a father.

The Importance of Determining Paternity

We also act for mothers who need to prove the paternity of a child so they can request child support. Parents who were never married are particularly vulnerable when paternity remains undetermined; a mother could move away, leaving the father with no visitation. A father could vanish, leaving the mother with no child support and no legal right to collect it. Our law firm routinely handles situations such as these.

Obtaining a paternity test is key to resolving such matters. Our attorney can arrange for you to take a paternity test, which is a simple lab procedure requiring a cheek swab. If the test determines that you are the father, our lawyer will fight to get you visitation or custody. If you are not the biological father, we will help you turn back a request for child support.

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